Monday, July 5, 2010


Well I have not really had an IL challenge for quite some time. Since my adventure with an ostrich egg, actually. It's summer! Everyone is busy with family and vacations and getting sunburns, so its alright! Steven and I have been busy so for this summer, too.
Went to Hilton Head and Savannah with his family to grab Tito from college at SCAD (click that link, Tito is amazing.)
The following week my BFFFFFF came to visit me! I hadn't seen her since my wedding in Sept 09. It was so good to see Cynthia! We went to Busch Gardens and Beer, Bourbon, BBQ fest. Some temp tattoos happened
And fun was had.

In other life news my dogs have grown even cuter

And my IL kitchen stadium has been revamped with some new wall colors

But anyways, now what you're really here for. Food!
Here's some things that I have made this summer (that I have remembered to photo document!)

Tuna Teriyaki
I used to LOOOOVVVE salmon teriyaki from Richmond's Haru back when I wasn't allergic to shellfish and I coud still eat there. I took a stab at making some teriyaki of my own. It wasn't nearly as good but def. would eat again!
I used bottled teriyaki sauce, cause, hey it's summer and I was feelin a bit lazy!

Also in the spirit of summer and nice days I made this steak dinner for us and my inlaws. The sauce you see in the pan is mushrooms cooked in butter with cream mixed in.
The veggies are eggplant, zucchini and squash.

If you want specifics on how these were cooked or anything, holler at me and I'll write it up.
I hope all 9 of my loyal followers are having a fantastic summer!

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  1. Glad to see IL being used for the family ! Great looking stuff indeed. Thanks for the summer wishes ! I hope you and Steve are having a blast ....

    I am sure you will see my smiling face soon :)