Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm bad about getting these posts up immediately following my cooking on Wednesdays! Maybe it's because I go to bed at like 9:00.
But here it is, Wednesday's battle with Avocado! My 2nd Iron Lydia challenge to date:

Summer Guac Party
This is so fun and so tasty! I stumbled across making this dip one day while trying to make guacamole and running out of lemon or lime juice! It was such a hit I introduced it to my troops on wednesday and they destroyed it!
You'll need! 2 ripe avocados .
Some lemon/lime margarita mix
Coarse salt

All you do is chop up your 2 avocados until they are in small pieces, or in chucks the size you like in guac dip. If you like your guac very smooth, use a food processor!
Mix in about 3-4 tablespoons of your margarita mix and a few pinches of coarse salt. Taste test often for preferred flavor :)
Put in whatever bowl you, garnish the top with one small splash of mix and some salt
Serve immediately with tortilla chips!

Sweet & Spicy Smothered Bacon Chicken with Cilantro Lime Rice!
You'll need
3 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
4 slices bacon, cut into smaller pieces
4 avocados
2 mangos
1 large tomato
1 large onion
1 small can pickled sliced jalapenos
Pepper Paste
Garlic. (powder, paste, bulb ...whatever
For the rice I used 4 packets of Uncle Ben's 90 second white rice. If you prefer you can steam or boil your own.
1 large lime

Cut your 3 chicken breasts into smaller pieces. Put in a large hot pan with bacon. Keep on med-high heat.
While chicken is cooking combine the following in a large food processor.
1 onion (cut up)
1 tomato (cut up)
As many jalapenos as you like and can tollerate
A squeeze of pepper blend paste
2 mangos. As I discovered mangos are really hard to peal! Suggestions on how to welcome!
At this point I threw in some more pepper blend and jalapenos for some more spice, but that's just me :)
4 avocados, sliced.

Check on chicken and bacon in pan. Stir. Add in some salt and jalapeno slices (if you like!) and whatever other spices you think you may like. I used a little lemon zest

While chicken finishes cooking, heat your instant rice (if that is what you chose to use! I like the 90 sec rice, it's just as good as what I put in my rice steamer, and the clean up is much easier!)
Put rice in large bowl, throw in some torn up cilantro leaves and squeeze in juice from 1 lime. Stir.
Stir chicken as needed. When it is cooked and no longer pink in the center remove from heat. Plate your chicken next to the rice and cover it with your mango/avocado salsa. Serve.
I had a ton of left over salsa blend that I served with chips and sent to work with for some other troops the next day.

My troops must have been been hungry from their battle at El Alamein
Stay tuned next week for my battle with Peanut Butter! Asparagus!

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  1. As always .... awesome ! Sorry I got to miss the peanut butter challenge. Damn work gets in the way lol. I am sure it will kick butt